Ways in which employees feel valued and appreciated


Being an employer doesn’t just ends in the boss aspect, it also extends to making the people working under you (employees) feel valued and appreciated. As an employer who wants the success of his/her company, you have to make sure your employees feel appreciated and valued. There are lots of reason for these, it is obvious that most employees don’t see the need of making their employees feel valued at work, they feel they are already paying them for the services being rendered after all, but one thing they fail to understand is this, it’s really not about paying for the services alone, rather, it’s about being satisfied with the services rendered by the employee. A simple word of appreciation will go a long way in helping your employee feel valued, it will also be a source of encouragement to them, make them feel comfortable and allow them produce their best at work. In addition, a lot of things can be done by the employee on behalf of the boss. The aim is to create a good relationship that will give the employee the ability to produce great work, the interesting part about this is, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot, all that is needed is good communication, moreover business is a relationship economy. At the end of the day, it will be what both you and the employee wants. Therefore, to help both party achieve this goal of great work and feeling, below are three basic things to be done by the employer to ensure your employees feel appreciated and valued.



Talking about spending time with employees, I realize most employers especially here in Nigeria don’t find it necessary to spend little time with their employees, mostly when it comes to the aspect of taking them out for a drink, it’s just a drink but it gives room for a better communication outside the office environment, the employee feel free talking about their areas of challenges in the office. It can even build a close relationship between the two parties. Sure, employees can gain a great deal of satisfaction from a simple “thank you”, a pay rise and even a bonus, also, they feel valued when time is being spent with the boss in a less conventional way. It can be as simple as sitting down with them and discussing in depth their thoughts on the job or reviewing their performance in a personal manner and giving them some deserved feedback. By doing this, you are not just making your employee feel valued and appreciated but also helping your business meet it daily goal.    


It is very important for an employer to show his employees appreciation, a public display of appreciation can be a source of encouragement to the employees a simple thank you for a job well done could also go a long way. Do it at their desk so everyone can see/hear it or better still, do it publicly during a team meeting. When you show them your appreciation, the will feel valued and appreciated working in the company.     


Communication plays a vital role in our everyday lives, communication is also a big part to make an employee feel appreciated.  An effective and supportive communication helps in building a strong relationship with your team. It can be done in everyday conversations and can always be an effective tool to build report. Highlighting their value within the organization, for instance, “ you did a great job on your last report” then if there is any new briefing you think the employee will be good at, tell them,  note this, the more you recognize your employees precise contributions to the company the more irreplaceable they feel.              

By Sarah odisi – workmie.com marketing executive

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