You might have heard that jobs searching during the hectic holiday season could be a total waste of time, according to research; there are numerous ways to which the holiday season can be of a great opportunity to your job search. Research has also made it known that many job seekers don’t realize how important it is for them to be active in their job search during these holiday month, the thing is, so many companies are already completing their budget for the next fiscal year, it is a great opportunity of hiring managers and many executives also have to fill the openings early in the year or they may lose the budget for that position. The holiday season is a time of the year when most employees usually receive end of the year bonuses and also moving to new positions that they are promoted to, leaving vacancies in their formal space, in such case, you don’t have to abandon your job search during the holiday, in fact, it will be the best time of the year to land yourself that big job you have been searching for. Below are some tips that will help you in your job search during these holiday season.

LOOK INTO TEMPORARY POSITIONS:-During the holiday season there are thousands of events going on with open vacancies searching for people that will be willing to work during the events. For example, a ticketing company can be given a contract to sell tickets for an upcoming show, now the ticketing company in charge of selling the tickets will defiantly be needing people that will sell the ticket at the event center and that is when you as a job seeker comes in, even though it won’t be a permanent job but it will go a long way keeping you busy, it can even be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door in a new company, making it a permanent job. In addition to that, many companies usually have their end of year crunches at the same time that many workers want to take some time off, so they look to staffing agencies to fill in gaps.

VOLUNTEER:-Volunteering is a great way to boost confidence, if you have been trying hard to get a job for long, helping others can be a great deal especially these holiday season, you also have a renewed sense of purpose during your job search, with the fact that you will have the opportunity of meeting other professionals.

By Sarah Odisi

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